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Qualifying Your Dog as A Service Dog

Service dogs offer great assistance, but not all pooches are up to the job. If you have been wondering how to get a service dog identification, ServicesAnimals.CA can help you answer a few basic questions to ensure that your dog can be a great service dog.

Does My Dog Qualify As A Service Dog?

A Service Dog must perform a task to assist a person with a disability. This is the most important requirement for service dog certification. 

Step One: Public Access Test for Qualification

Purpose: The purpose of this Public Access Test is to ensure that dogs are stable, well-behaved and unobtrusive to the public; that you have control over the dog; and that, as a team, you do not pose a public hazard.

Many of these access questions do not apply to small dogs.

Bottom Line: Your dog demonstrates that he/she is safe to be in public, and you demonstrate that you have control of your dog at all times.

  • Approaching a business: The dog must stay in a relative heel position. The dog must display relaxed attitude and exhibit no fear of cars or traffic noises. .
  • HEELING: Once inside the establishment, you and your dog must walk through areas in a controlled manner. Smaller Dogs Are usually carried. The dog must be able to avoid obstacles and not knock over or play.
  • SITS ON COMMAND: You should be able to have the dog sit. The dog must respond promptly each time, with no more than two commands. If your dog is at a table where food may be dropped on the floor your dog should not break the Sit to go for the food .
  • If an adult and/or child approaches your dog: The dog should maintain siting and not solicit attention.
  • NOISE DISTRACTION: Your dog may acknowledge the noise, but should not in any way show aggression or fear. A normal startle reaction is acceptable. The dog may jump or turn, but should quickly recover.
  • RESTAURANT: While you are seated at a table in a restaurant, your dog should go under the table or, if size prevents this, stay close by. The dog must sit or lie down and may move a bit for comfort from time to time, but should not be up and down frequently or require frequent correction or reminding.

The forgoing information is just a general guideline for working with your dog in public. The most important thing is that you have full control of your dog at all times.

As a Service Dog, your canine assistant will be able to accompany you into any publicly accessible space including restaurants, museums, airports and airplanes, theaters, stores and parks. You can train your Service Dog to meet the specific needs of your disability.

ServicesAnimals.CA recognizes that you may train you own dog and supplies you with options for the appropriate identification to allow your dog to accompany you in public.

It is important to be sure your dog is adequately trained to qualify As a Service Animal.

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