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EmergencyHousing.CA (Project: CitrixIQ)


There was a client who was on the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) who really should have qualified for benefit(s) for help to alleviate and offset additional expenses incurred for their Service's Animal this is a modest amount under $100 however a recurring amount which had the potential to have a tremendous impact to persons with disabilities for purchase of dog food, a new leash, collar or service vest for example.

Impossible Eligibility Requirements/Prerequisites and other barriers such as requesting an internal review to an appeal. Meeting the requirements/prerequisites as set forth in Ontario was next to impossible without additional funding for such certifications/endorsement that isn't required in the Province, to begin with.

This quickly yielded the attention of EmergencyHousing.CA, Some clients couldn't make it out of their homes, while some incurred additional expenses for delivery or transportation.

Covid19 added many challenges, stresses, and other onerous barriers leaving some clients struggling.

Viewed as egregious by EmergencyHousing.CA, the initial plan was to create a temporary program to help offset some expenses on a one-time basis or look at providing a Service's dog handler with supplies they required during the public health pandemic with an abundance of positive feedback we've since looked at allocating some additional funds to keep the initiative ongoing.